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The simple elegant lines of the American Victorian fireplace  mantel constructed of rich cherry wood shown here is perfect with the decor of this home. An arched cast iron surround in a nickel toned finish is a lovely co-ordinating piece in addition to the granite on the hearth.

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The classic and elegant lines of an Edwardian influence fireplace, carefully detailed in the "Adam" manner and finished in a butternut stained wood. Here Fireplace Concepts has added a cast iron treatment with colourful tile as the inset, an interesting departure from the usual marble or granite.  


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In this fine example, the client has chosen the dignified influence of the Baroque period as the design style of their fireplace surround. An ample use of hand carved frieze detailing and cornice treatment on a deeply stained mahogany are a lovely contrast to the dainty tile and nickel coloured inset treatment.  


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Sleek, simple and stainless steel. A design influenced by the modern movement, (1920-1965). A fabulous look for the simple decor of the minimalist contemporary loft or downtown apartment. 


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A lovely Regency influence fireplace surround finished in a colour we like to call "butter beige". Note the simple outline and profile of this lovely piece accented with a deep green Italian marble on the hearth and inset. This is an extremely versatile style, suitable with most decors, from extremely formal to slightly more casual in nature.  



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